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The good thing about being a blogger, is that when it seems to be little to no time to illustrate the crazy or not so exciting life I may or may not be carrying... I can always take a break, and come back with a vibrant update. I have been trying to decide how I will manifest this brand of mine, only to struggle with the voice in the back of my head telling me, “you have no substance. Nothing you do will ever be outstanding. You are wasting your time..” 

Of course, I know that the voice I’m hearing is a lie from the pits of hell, literally! The devil is a *gotdamn LIE!* With time and healing from life’s seamless traumas, I’ve come to realize that though I may not be my biggest critic (I’ve got to give it to the haters in the back), I will always be the decision maker  when it comes to deciding what criticisms to take in and how to constructively go forward. Truthfully speaking, I know that without faith and courage in myself, personally, I May never be the woman of my dreams. It takes effort to be THAT woman (or man). 

Influenced by some odd personal experiences lately, I’d like to acknowledge the importance of TRUE transparency. This blog, my brand is about my lifestyle and my growth. I have ideas that I would like to promote and encourage engagement with a specific audience. But let’s be honest, if I am afraid to be myself, the limitations become more like pressure and eventually prolong the process of branding my truth. So let’s talk about that previously mentioned effort. The first efforts that should be made towards becoming the woman of my dreams & the woman of my brand is by deciding how I identify myself. Once I decide how I identify myself in the real world, then I must set the parameters of my brand. What about this lifestyle am I trying to portray to my audience. Why is my example an important illustration? 

I want to hold myself accountable for my dreams. Therefore, I want to utilize my written blogs to document what I want and then use my YouTube/vlog platform to illustrate the work/results of my efforts. So here is what you should expect moving forward: I recently went on a trip to NYC and surrounding areas. The trip was everything and more for me. By taking this trip at such a turbulent time, it took a lot of courage to have a good time and live/love in the skin I’m in. I want to document this... I have had trouble recently with importing videos from my phone to my editing software, so I purchased Adobe Premier Pro. Downside to the investment is that I have NO IDEA how to use it. Eventually, It was easier to resolve the importing issue. So now I’m going to edit the NYC footage and gradually begin to teach myself the new software.  So many things to do based on just the last few sentences. I’m thinking that I will break up the NYC footage into a series just to get back in the swing of things.. and I will keep you all updated on my journey to upgrading editing software! 

Until next time,
Hello Alexys.


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