Mind you, I haven't had my hair braided for 2 years now. I've gone from barely a twa (teenie-weenie-afro), through the awkward phase, and now into shoulder+ length hair phases. So this protective style [BREAK] from taming my natural hair has been long overdue. Through my folks, I was able to book an appointment with Seattle's finest, BlusBraidery just 1 day before I left for my California Trip!
 Now, let's get into these braids. 
Hair: 3.5 packs of xpressions (color 2) $5.99 each
Time: 2.5 hours in chair
Location: Braider conveniently located downtown Seattle
Braid details: Large-style box braids, square parts, natural side part
Lasts: 2-3 weeks
 This style was very FUN. I love having hair, long enough to tough my booty. :) I felt bad and bougie, soft and sophisticated, confident and FIONE. 
Lessons and blessings: I've been trying to keep up with my appearance more lately. That way I will feel good and confident and be more likely to succeed from day to day.  Natural hair can be exhausting, mainly because most natural hair women tend to their own manes. This morning, my Shine App made me aware of International Self Care Day, so it was only right that I show myself some care by practicing different hairstyles. Self care for me, in this moment, means building skill and good habits. Maintaining a routine for purposes of living a balanced life. Protective styling sure made things a lot easier these past two weeks. I'll definitely be getting more braids!


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