Well.. as the world turns, so do the days of our lives... LOL I miss skipping school to watch soap operas like Days of Our Lives and Passions! Anywho.... my evolutionary clock as a youtuber is on point as well! Today’s video consist of my first OFFICIAL beauty content video, INSTAGRAM READY MAKEUP ROUTINE FT NARS NRLF! Yayyyyy! By no means am I anyone’s MUA, but my girl ChrissyBillionss taught me the basics. This video was very fun to film and edit. I most definitely look forward to making more beauty tutorials and content.

NOW, this beauty video is features the NARS Natural Radiance Longwear Foundation. 

I was given 2 packs of samples for this product at the NARS in Nordstrom. 1 pack had all the light shades, and the other had the darker shades. So far I’m loving the product. The most important thing for me was that I did not want to experience any allergic reaction (migraines) from this product. My last foundation, Calvin Klein 3-in-One foundation gave me the worst headaches. Even more unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until I had bought my second bottle. 

This foundation gives great coverage. With just one layer from the minimal samples provided, I’d say I had nearly full coverage, with a little opacity for a natural skin tone appearance. I used other NARS products such as the audacious mascara and the damned satin lip pencil to compliment the look. I also used various products my MAC, maybelline, ELF, etc. 

Just a *DISCLAIMER* this shade that was used in the video is not my true color. I’m just testing out all of the shades and seeing how awesome each shade is. They can all be used for contouring purposes!


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