Good Vibes Only.

Hey y’all. How’s life treating you these days? More like, how are you treating life? 

I’m currently on the Amtrak train riding from St. Louis, MO to Chicago, IL. And before I say anything else, I have to say that I am so very blessed this morning. I’m riding a good wave, watching the blessings in the fields literally. 
I flew in to St. Louis two days ago to celebrate my mother’s graduation with a GRADUATE degree in management and leadership. Wow mom! Also, today is Mother’s Day 2018! 
Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s and mother’s to be. 😉
It’s funny how life inevitably shapes you into your destiny. And your destiny is determined by your belief. Being back in St. Louis this weekend helped me to mentally and visually illustrate the entire 360 evolution of my life thus far. So many things in my world have changed, and yet I am still the same me. What has changed is that I am comfortable, confident, and aware of who I am. Being in St. Louis this weekend reminded me that not only am I still myself, I am also HER. I have noticed that a lot of the bloggers that I follow have most recently been expanding on the movement of self-awareness and making necessary life changes. PEOPLE (all people) have a cycle of life. The goal, I have learned, is to spend as much of the life cycle living as who you dream to be. Our dreams are apart of our DNA, excluding those random dreams where you are dancing in a bucket turned air balloon while making out with your ex. 👀 and even those dreams mean SOMETHING, if you ask me. My point is, what is the point in dreaming, planning, and talking about what we should do or what we wish we could do, as opposed to just BEING WHO YOU ARE? The problem in the equation is WHERE IS YOUR BELIEF? Do you believe that you are a disabled being that is where they physically are? Period. That’s it.... or do you believe that you are a being on your way to something better? Everyone has a journey with a story to tell... you decide how each chapter ends and begins again.
Today, I am a young, beautiful, successful, loving WOMAN. I have all the POWER to be great at any and every given moment of each day. I am never the mistakes that I make, but I AM the lesson learned in the midst. No one else can live my life, not in my shoes, not even if they TAKE my shoes can they walk like me. So today, I am PROUD AF to be me. I’m blessed, what else can I say?
I’m so GRATEFUL to god for the understanding of who i am in Christ. I’m so EXCITED to live this life that he has already paved the way for me. I am HONORED to share this love and wisdom with the world. 


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