Hello, hello, hey! Hello! Hello! 
I'm still here! I hope all is well with any soul that takes the time out of the day to read my blog! Life is still going and I am still vlogging on YouTube. This month is June, my birthday month. Therefore, I'm doing daily vlogging/posts on my YouTube channel "Hello Alexys". Exciting right? 
I'm taking this month to, not only celebrate my 24th birthday, but also to explore my new city of Atlanta! On my days off from the workplace, I'll be taking my subscribers along with me around the Atlanta area to visit some cool attractions! So far, I have clogged the Dekalb Farmer's Market , as well as SharedSpace ATL. I'm 10days in, 20 more to go!

Be sure to watch my latest TOUR VLOG of SharedSpace ATL.



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