Dreams DO Come true! 💫

As I mentioned before, I recently joined the YouTube group RWOYT (Real Women of YouTube),  created by thebellsplusone aka Marcia. The Atlanta youtubers within the group created a GroupMe where we all could network and mingle amongst each other.

So the day went like this..

I woke up bright and early to go look for a car to purchase.. I had been saving for WEEKS and planned for THIS to be the day. It didn't take long to realize that I would be better off saving more money and searching lots without the company of my family. No shade, but as an able adult, I find that I handle my business better without the input of said family members that behave as if they have no faith in my capability as an independent being. Long story short, I shut it DOWN.
Next, my family and I were at Nuevo Laredo Cantina, a popular Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, throwing back shrimp, lobster, and steak tacos, washed down with top notch margaritas! YUM! After lunch, my mom and I headed to Lenox mall where we shopped ALL DAY LONG. My mom has a shopping problem. lol I figured it only made sense to stay in the area being that I had planned to meet up with the other Atlanta Youtubers at 6pm.
Originally, the plan was that everyone would meet at the Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, we were told at the last minute, despite our reservation, that the restaurant would be unable to accommodate our large party of an expected 55 guests. I was not surprised. So we all went over to ZinBurger, a fine wine and burger spot, where we all got to know each other for some time close to an hour. Luckily one of the girls from our group knew to call over to the Palm at the Westin hotel across the street. She arranged for us to all have dinner immediately in a private room. It was a beautiful venue and made for a special first meeting amongst us girls.
The night was such a grand time and I am so happy that I got to connect with those women. We all had already been chatting daily in the GroupMe app, and we all just seem to be that much more supportive and connected with each other since. I am very happy that I joined the RWOYT group because I can honestly say that I have 50+ new real friends.




  1. Great job on your Vlog and Blog. Love the video footage and writing.Keep up the good work.


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