Invest in the Future (2017)

That was my excuse?! 2016... is OVER.


It's 2017 and the year is already off to a great start. I'm not sure how everyone knew that last year would be an obstacle and this year would be a win for all. I will just assume that God whispered in everyone's ear like he did my own. 
(See how I spent NYE 2017)

Since the year has began, I have been accomplishing my goals left and right. My first goal was to finish VLOGMAS... (The video above was the last episode) I made a to-do-list of about 22 things and after one month in, I am already set to start on a new list. By the way, this blog is being brought to you by DELL. Yes, I finally purchased a new laptop computer. I actually purchased this laptop today for $250 (STAPLES). Hot buy! So now I have no excuse as to why I won't be updating my blog as often as any other social media outlet that I am committed to.
 I have been vlogging a little bit since the new year. It has been difficult to create videos and content since the holidays are over and I am pretty much back to just working and preparing myself for my next move.
Speaking of new moves, I purchased my laptop because I have a homework assignment due on Monday. Yes, I AM starting classes on Monday. Georgia State University's new consolidation issues completely turned me off to the idea of waiting a whole semester again just to start an associates program. I have already completed half of the requirements towards my Psychology Bachelor's,  but my GPA was too low to go straight into the BA program. So my Boss told me about Grand Canyon University, a Christian University that offers online degrees. I figured, Either way it is still a Bachelor's Degree. I have been there and done that when it comes to being on Campus. Honestly, I believe that completing my degree on my third attempt, with an online program, will allow myself to find the discipline to achieve the degree as well as gain the education without distractions of the college/university community. I literally JUST finished my first assignment. I'm proud because I am setting my priorities and following them in that order.
So for the rest of my night, I'm going to attempt to edit my vlog footage from this week and hopefully post it before I fall asleep. Tomorrow marks my 90th day in Atlanta, GA! So I definitely will want to clear my device of all footage so that I can film my 90-day Review. I won't go into too much detail about it at this point because I would rather you just tune into the video. I will try to post the video on here, but if you don't see it soon enough, subscribe to my YouTube channel HelloAlexys.


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