Bringing 2016 to a Successful Ending

Vlogmas 2016 going STRONG!

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(This photo was taken on my iPhone 6s PLUS while using the LUMEE, lighting case.)

You guys! I have been so sick lately.. I believe I have a mixture of sinus/allergy issues along with an actual bug. I feel terrible, BUT I have also been FOCUSED on my goals. I have been vlogging most days (VLOGMAS) to build discipline and skill with this whole lifestyle vlogger thing. In case you have never heard of such, VLOGMAS is where youtubers and video bloggers create content DAILY beginning the first day of December until Christmas Day (or even NYE). 

So far I have learned that it is not THAT hard to be a vlogger, but it does take dedication and discipline. I have found it a great way to continuously discover myself, as well as recognize small and not-so-small habits that I would like to cure myself of. The freedom that vlogging has introduced me to, I would like to hold on to it forever. This is definitely a creative avenue that I will continue to pursue beyond Vlogmas. Maybe not EVERYDAY, but weekly doesn't sound bad. I have goals to expand my horizons and lifestyle in order to not only become a more well-rounded being, but also to create more content for my audience.
 One of my favorite things about vlogging is to see the GROWTH in who I am as a person. No doubt about it, I am definitely putting myself out there on this one! While trying my best to remain modest and private about sensitive aspects of my current place in life, I find it almost "liberating" to share my struggle experiences with the world. There are so many people that wish that they could be as adventurous and brave as I am; and to see how someone like myself can end up in such a vulnerable place and still be able to say "I'm STILL great AND I'm going to SHOW you ALL."
The hardest part about vlogging for me is the lack of "exciting content." Being that I am in a struggle situation, I am limited to certain opportunities to film. I pretty much have been filming myself going to work and going home. Hopefully that will change as I continue to work my A$$ off and put myself in the position to do more. I have been doing a little research on some of the equipment that I would like to purchase and put to use.
-Professional camera 📷
-Apple laptop 💻
-tripod/backdrop/lighting kit
I'm sure there's more but I jujust can't think right now..

So yeah, vlogging is pretty much all that I've been up to besides working and trying to get into Georgia State University. The consolidation of GSU and the local community college Perimeter has failed me. They took so long to update my checklist that I found out a few hours before the school closed for break that I have an additional requirement that will cause me not to have a decision on my application prior to the deadline to register for spring classes.... WOMP WOMP.. 😔 I guess this just means more time to work and stack money until the summer. I'm determined to finish my degree so I won't be too down about it, but it does suck. The motto is to keep going FORTH!

So until next time, checkout a few of my recent vlogs!


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