step one.

According to Psychology Today, the very first step to stop procrastination is to begin with the most pleasurable part of the process that one has trouble completing. They say that "we" are excellent both at not starting things, as well as giving up. I will admit only once in this post that I have not started, started, given up, and again, over and over with this blogging thing (that I am SO passionate about). However, as I grow in age and wisdom, I have began to retain the concept of using what I have to get what I want. I love writing, reading, learning, and teaching. I love to be amazed, or merely entertained. BUT, sometimes I can defeat myself before I even enter the race. So here I am, another day, another year, and another post.... writing my first blog, again. :) So first, I would love to introduce myself formally. (In what barely 15 minutes will allow.) I Am Alexys, woman, wife, Christian, sister, daughter, friend, lover, psychology student, assistant, future business entrepreneur, innovator, leader... I currently work as a caterer, go to school (fresh off of a hiatus), tend to my husband, relax/nothing, read, surf social media, interior design on pinterist, and dabble in video/graphic design from free iPhone apps every now and then. These are the things that I do most daily because I am finding and sculpting my life. I am my own creation, after God. I am qualified to bring this blog to you (my audience) because I am made of love & righteousness with a genuine intention to give & take knowledge & love daily. I don't have MANY close friends and family, but I know they love me. I hope they know that I love them as well! ;* Oh, and besides the honor roll & a Star Award for excellent progress, I am not famous for any GRAND service or awards. However, both in an organizational setting, as well as on the job, I have been recognized several times for my professionalism and ability to work well for and with others. Yes, I have a high school Diploma. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I am mostly interested in industrial &a organizational psychology, as well as counseling. My professional experience includes food, retail, clerical, customer service, and healthcare. Aaaaand I worked for the National Park Service once for a while at the neighborhood and home of President Abraham Lincoln (the only home he ever owned & built himself). Oh how I remember the times! I would love to one day speak in front of hundred, thousands, or even more, discussing the things that I know and care for the most. But until then, please refer to my social media outlets. Instagram: HelloAlexys Snapchat: HelloAlexys/lexxsayy5 Tumblr: Pinterest: HelloAlexys


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